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The rest of the world will tremble at the name of… CIMETIERE!
~ Cimetiere introducing himself to the cast.
How dare you take my stuff!! Return to me immediately!!
~ Cimetiere's anger


Cimetiere is a villain in The Haunt of Howl Hall and Scourge of the Spirits, which is under work. Cimetiere is a Halloween Scorchio who was imprisoned in his spell book. In the past, Cimetiere was burned alive after a riot was formed in Moltara City. After his house burned down, a secret tomb was discovered by Professor Howl, during the construction of Howl Hall. Cimetiere's spirit was in the tomb. Howl opened the spell book and freed Cimetiere by accident. His spirit decided to scare construction workers and stop the building of the library. His spirit also imprisoned Professor Howl in the dungeon of Howl Hall.


The Haunt of Howl Hall

Cimetiere appears in a fan-made comic arch The Haunt of Howl Hall as the main antagonist. He appears after Sylvestre, Buizel, Blayne, Zappz, Audrey, and Darrell tried to escape. They were stopped by the fake Professor Howl. Audrey yelled at the fake Howl that they have the real Professor Howl. The fake Howl reveals himself as Cimetiere. Cimetiere soon gets defeated by being trapped in his own spell book.

Scoruge of the Spirits

Cimetiere appears again in an upcoming comic arch, Scourge of the Spirits as one of the main antagonists, along with Geraldina. In this arch, Geraldina and Cimetiere join forces to rule Neopia and get revenge on the Talk About Random cast.


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