Cicero is the secondary villain of the 2015 Netflix Original film The Ridiculous 6.

He is portrayed by Danny Trejo, who is famous for portraying the character Machete from Machete duology from Grindhouse.


Cicero is the leader of a group of bandits that happen to be connected to Frank Stockburn, his son Tommy "White Knife" Stockburn's biological father. Cicero and his bandits invade the village and kidnap Frank, demanding $50,000 ransom. Later on in the story, it is revealed that Cicero murdered Tommy's mother, thus making Tommy an orphan. After a long journey, Tommy ventures out to confront Cicero and rescue Frank. As Cicero fires off a bullet, Tommy uses the knife his mother gave him to slice the bullet. The knife lands in Cicero's head, killing him.


  • Cicero is similar to Kopponen from Tad: The Lost Explorer, they are both crime lords who were set up as the main antagonist, but were revealed to be the secondary antagonist and the right-hand man to the true main villain. However, Cicero is The Heavy because he was the one driving the plot of the story and the one who killed Tommy's mother, which makes him a personal foe for Tommy.