Cicada Mutant
Cicada Mutant (8) - A cicada monster. It can make the stinger on its nose grow to impale, shoot electric-like beams from its eyes, and use high-frequency sound attacks. In order for Gorgom to use talented musicians for havoc, Cicade Mutant was used to tamper with any music through a girl named Yuri who lost the contest to a millionaire's daughter. With a mind-controlled headband on her, Yuri felt Cicada Mutant's pain. When it came to "The Devil's Trill" recording with Yuri and other violinists, Kotaro entered and became the victim of their music. Kamen Rider BLACK had a hard time fighting Cicada Mutant until he used his Rider Punch on its third eye to break Cicada Mutant's link to the violinists before he was killed by the Rider Kick.