Do you really think you can defeat me? Mwa-ha-ha! Why don't you disappear!
~ Cia

Cia is a major villainess in The Legend of Zelda game Hyrule Warriors and a redeemed protagonist in Hyrule Warriors: Legends - Act 6. She is a dark witch and the mistress of Wizzro and Volga. She appears to be the main antagonist of the story until it's revealed that Ganondorf is the one who corrupted her.

She is voiced by the japanese singer Minako Kotobuki.


Cia was tasked with maintaining the balance of the Triforce, as she was a good person at heart. However, she began to gain strong feelings for a brave young knight named Link, causing her to become jealous of his relationship with Zelda. This allowed her to be corrupted by a mysterious evil entity, who had been thought to be sealed away long ago (by a past Link). Her light side was driven out (which became Lana), turning Cia pure evil. Cia allies herself with the fire-manipulating warrior Volga, and gains the allegiance of Wizzro by giving it a physical body. With her new power and allies she declares war on Hyrule.

Cia sent Volga and Wizzro to attack Hyrule, but Link, Zelda, Impa, and Lana fought against them. Cia opened the Portals of Souls in the eras similar to Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword. Although Link, Zelda, Impa, and Lana were able to close them with help from Darunia, Ruto, Midna, Agitha, and Fi, the evil entity was able to revive himself through three of his spirit fragments, revealed to be Ganondorf.

Now working separately from Ganondorf, Cia had Wizzro control ghost forces to destroy the heroes, but they defeated him and Link got the Master Sword and used it to kill Wizzro, who in his final words told them that Cia was at the Temple of Souls. There, Link got cocky due to possessing the Master Sword which nearly led to his downfall, as Cia created many Dark Links. The Dark Links were destroyed, and then Ganondorf arrived, who was quickly defeated by Link.

Link and the others took a final stand against Cia at the Valley of Seers. When they gained the upper hand, Cia began transferring her power to her minions to defeat them, not caring what damage it could do to her. After defeating Volga, Link and his team fought Cia, who split into four but was defeated. As she lay dying in Lana's arms, she said neither she nor Lana will get Link's affection, to which Lana says she accepts this. Cia says Lana was always her better half, and fades into nothingness, with Lana obtaining her Triforce of Power.

After Cia's death, the role of antagonist shifts to Ganondorf, who is revived through his fourth spirit fragment.

In Legends, Lana conducts a mission to revive her and succeeds, and a fully-redeemed Cia assists Lana, Link, Tetra, and King Daphnes in defeating Phantom Ganon. After the battle, Lana and Cia return to their duties of watching the timelines together.


Described as himself a young hylian like 18 years old, dark complexion and sports a short white hair (similar to Link haircuit) decorated with two gems one ruby with pearl, his lips are a reddish color like some marks tattos painted on some sections of his body, between them his cheeks and legs. Use characteristic and basic costume. It consists of a light purple garment, which leaves much of your body exposed. She has a low-cut bra, a sleeve in only one of her arms, and a long open skirt. It is decorated with red and purple feathers and bracelets.


Oh ho! Link! Did you get a shiny new sword? Mmm, I'd like to see it... Come to me!
~ Cia

Cia at first was a sorceress at the service of good, responsible for maintaining the balance of the Triforce. One day he fell in love with Hyrule's hero, Link, but knowing that he would never be reciprocated fell victim to some terrible jealousy, allowing the evil to enter his body and seize it, creating Cia, the dark sorceress, and expelling the light and the kindness of his heart that became Lana, the white sorceress. Both halves show a tactical rivalry throughout history.

He seems to have a strong conviction in his goals and possibilities, having very clear what he wants and showing an unusually aggressive, provoker and provocative personality. Although she seemed to want control over her own world, in reality, above this, she wanted a link, wanting to do it at all costs.

Powers and Abilities

Excellent. Now that that's done, let's talk about laying siege to Hyrule Castle...
~ Cia

In battle, Cia is primarily a spell-caster of dark magic. Her Weapon, the Scepter, which also doubles as a whip, allows her to conjure powerful magical attacks. Her battle style primarily relies on area coverage and long range over brute force. Her Charge attack allows her to imbue her attacks with the Dark Element and makes her resistant to flinching. Her initial combo attack can hit an incredibly wide area that allows her to build her Special meter quickly. Her fourth combo string is also able to shred through the Weak Point Gauges of Giant Bosses quickly. She can also summon Dark Links for several of her combos.

When defeated in battle, Cia may either drop her Bracelet as a silver Material, or her Staff as a gold Material.

Dark Form

As the dark half of the original sorceress, Cia possesses many traits from her original form. She can manipulate the power of dark magic, consisting of traps and explosions that activate once touched. The sorceress harnesses the ability to summon Dark Links, although for her to do so would require the hero to be overwhelmed with confidence, or for her to tap into her own life force. In her opening intro, she can assemble her Scepter freely.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Total War

Cia is able to bend time for a few moments, allowing nearby Wizzrobe to move faster and inflict more damage on enemy forces.


Hyrule Warriors - Cia Trailer01:12

Hyrule Warriors - Cia Trailer

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Voice and Sounds of Cia the Dark Sorceress


  • Cia is a name which is derived from Kynthia, an alternative name for Greek goddess Artemis. It can alternatively mean the divinity of the moon or being stationed within it.
  • The name of Cia is a part meaning "ancient" Cian, which is used in the titles of many tribes in history. It perhaps references her association with time and that she hails from a magic clan.
  • Veran may have served as the inspiration for Cia as both are attractive female villains who are being manipulated by a greater evil (Twinrova & Ganondorf respectively) and possess the ability to summon Dark Links. They also have similar titles as Cia is known as the both the Black Sorceress and Dark Sorceress.
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