Chuuei Toutaku is the main villain of the first season of Ikki Tousen.

He was voiced by Sam Riegel


Toutaku is the cruel leader of Rakuyo, described as a devil. He won the last Big Fighters tournament and took over Kanto. Most other schools either served him or opposed him.

When Genpou Saji went to Rakuyo to manipulate Toutaku's second in command, Housen Ryofu, Toutaku told Ryofu to kill Saji, although she did not.

When Hakufu Sonsaku and Kakouton defeated fighters from Rakuyo, Toutaku sent Yoshu Private School to kill her, although she defeated them.

Toutaku hosted the Big Fighters Tournament afterward, although he did not fight in it himself, instead preferring to let the other schools crush each other.

Soon after, Ryofu betrayed Toutaku, who put a curse on Hakufu that would kill her unless he removed it himself. When Hakufu and Ryomou went to Rakuyo to get him to do so, he told Hakufu that he would remove the curse if she killed Ryofu. In the resulting fight, Ryofu used a technique on Toutaku which killed them both. Before dying, Toutaku removed the curse on Hakufu and secretly transferred his spirit into her.

Now possessing Hakufu, Toutaku injured Kannei and beat up Saji and Koukin, before Ukitsu arrived. Hakufu's dragon reacted to Ukitsu and ate Toutaku, killing him for good.