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The Chupacabra

 The Chupacabra is an antagonist in the very first episode of the TV horror serial Lost Tapes. This monstrous beast haunts the region round the United States of America borderline of Mexico.


Two theories are given in the series as to how this evil came to be. Some say it was a mutation from evolution, others say the American government was experimenting on illegal cloning activities and during a thunderstorm, the Chupacabra escaped. Others say it came across from mainland Europe on ships such as those of Columbus and was a native of countries such as Germany, inspiring the legend of the gargoyle.


The creature is seen in the episode, hunting around the border of Mexico. A family, named Ramirez, come from Mexico to immigrate to the United States of America. But their coyote abandons them in the desert and leaves them to die. The Chupacabra then begins following them, alarming their daughter when she drops her camera, and hissing at her. The beast then stalks them, making them lost in the desert.

The father hears hissing and begins to encourage his wife and daughter to run, but the Chupacabra follows, and is seen on CCTV for a while, chasing the parents. The beast looks like some mutated hyena. The Chupacabra kills the parents, drains their blood, then returns to the bush.

The Chupacabra then waits, hunting the girl, and then two officers come to rescue the girl or detain the parents. Finding the parents dead, they soon find the girl, but the Chupacabra is out there, which scares the girl and alarms the officer. The officers find themselves being hunted, but aim to kill. They actually see the Chupacabra for a second, two glowing red eyes, and then it runs off, barking.

The officers take the girl to a new home, but never identified the creature.


The Chupacabra is said to be the most dangerous of all the perils in the nocturnal desert. Freezing temperatures, scorpions, venomous spiders and wild cats are nothing to the Chupacabra. It is the most evil and vicious of all the beasts on the border.