The Chupacabra (translated as "goat-sucker") is a cryptid said to appear in many rural regions of Latin America. Its name comes from the reportedly habit of this creature to suck the blood of goats. It is often depicted as a tall bipedal with spines on it's back.

Many sightings of this creature have been reported in Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Mexico, southern regions of United States, as well as Argentina and Brazil. However, little proof have been given to prove the creature's existence, and often such "sightings" have proven to be only fruit of the people's imagination.

According to the stories the Chupacabra may either be a genetic-mutation, an undiscovered animal or (perhaps the more extreme theory) aliens - when treated as aliens many people (especially ufologists) think of them as being "pets" of the Greys or Reptoids.

However on a purely folkloric view the Chupacabra can be seen as a modern incarnation of the vampire found in countless legends, like the vampire the Chupacabra has become a popular creature in fiction: in fiction they are seen to be more violent towards humans than most stories state.



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