The Chung Pow Kitties

The Chung Pow Kitties (also known as the CPK) are a gang of villains and a rock star band, who appeared in Yin Yang Yo!.


The Chung Pow Kitties seem like adorable little kittens at first glance, but they are really evil and heartless ninjas. They usually wear pink, blue, and green dresses. Unlike many other characters in Yin Yang Yo, however, they have many other outfits besides their dresses. These other outfits include rock star costumes, costumes they wear during Broadway performances, ninja clothes, and glasses. It is unknown where they hold their weapons.


At first, they seem enthusiastic, innocent, and cute, but in reality, the Chung Pow Kitties have no mercy. However, once they see a ball of yarn or a dish of cat food,even in battle, they instantly revert to adorable balls of fur. They are also world famous as rock stars and stage actors, even though all they say is "meow." On stage they show no signs of evil. Yang was once their biggest fan, but the CPK betrayed him and they have been bitter rivals ever since. They are also shown to be very uncompromising and obstinate, constantly trying to break into the Woo Foo Armory without giving up.


The CPK's have been shown to be extremely fast and agile. They are also great thieves and swordswomen. While all of the cats fight together, Ashley, the CPK who wears pink, seems to be a rather offensive fighter, while the other ones keep more distance. Each Chung Pow Kitty wields a different weapon. Ashley, the CPK in pink, has 2 swords, Kitty, the CPK in blue, has 2 sais, and Bella, the CPK who wears green, has nunchucks.

If in a tough battle, they are even shown to use their cuteness to lull the enemy into a false sense of security before viciously attacking. They are also smooth talkers. In the case of Yang, they have found that talking alone can make for a successful plunder. As of Foreign Exchange Problem, they possess energy powers that give them the ability to merge into an aura called the CPCougar. In The Gig is Up their one time power was hypnotizing people thanks to their Woo Foo Amplifier.


  • The Chung Pow Kitties are parodies of the Powerpuff Girls.
  • They have Hello Kitty like appearances.
  • The CPK who wears pink is named Ashley, the CPK who wears blue is named Kitty, and the CPK who wears green is named Bella.