Chuck White

In this case, the book is the cover.

Chuck White was the main recurring antagonist of the young main characters in the 1970's animated spin-off of The Brady Bunch, called The Brady Kids. Like most Filmation villains, while he was mostly self-defeating and rarely sought to do potentially lethal harm, there were few things within the limits of a kid's cartoon he was not willing to stoop to. In appearance, demeanor and behavior, he was again very much in the mold of stock Filmation antagonists like Reggie Mantle of the Archies and Rudy from Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids. Arrogant, self-absorbed, and scheming, he also had few of the occasional redeeming qualities the other antagonists showed.

Typically, his schemes involved thwarting the efforts of the heroes, who, once they saw him around, usually tumbled to why their efforts went awry pretty quickly. He would for example, run against the feuding Marcia and Greg in the race for Class President, using dirty tricks to take both out of the running, or attempt to get Greg removed from the quarterback position in the High School Football team by exploiting an odd moment caused by one of the kids' sentient animal companions. His efforts would backfire or otherwise be exposed by episode's end, even when aided by his hippie-lite companion Fleetwood or his sometime-girlfriend Babs, who really wanted Greg to start with.

In one episode guest starring Wonder Woman, the kids found themselves in ancient Greece and met Chuck's remote identical ancestor, something that would be seen later with Biff Tannen's family in Back To The Future's animated series.

Chuck was voiced by veteran comedian and voice actor Larry Storch, who pulled multiple duties on this series, also voicing Fleetwood, the Brady dog Mop Top (essentially the Archies' Hot Dog reskinned), and Marlon the magical, plot-driving Mynah Bird.

There is another villain named Chuck White on American Dad. While there is no known connection between the two, given AD creator Seth MacFarlane's love of old shows, it seems at least possible.

The Brady Kids series is set for a DVD release on February 21st, 2016.