Chuck Muckle

Chuck Muckle

Charles E. "Chuck" Muckle is the main antagonist of the novel Hoot and it's film adaptation.

He is portrayed by Clark Gregg in the film adaptation.


Chuck Muckle is a greedy, selfish, arrogant, conniving, and manipulative business tycoon who plots to buy up an area of land in Florida and put up a pancake house, Mother Paula's. He refuses to believe that there is a colony of owls living on the construction site and even attempts to get rid of them.

When Mullet Fingers interferes with the construction here and there, Muckle uses every vile method he can to take care of him, from hiring professionals, siccing guard dogs on him to attempting to run him over with his bulldozer. He does whatever he can to destroy the owl's nest so he can expand his business and keeps his employees under his thumb.

Muckle is finally defeated when he is sent to an anger management class (which he fails) after attacking a reporter. In the movie, he is arrested for his crimes.


  • Muckles' character is similar to Max and Jake from Hotel for Dogs. Both characters are mean and cruel to animals and try to kill them.