Chuck Long is the main antagonist of the religious comedy movie
Chuck Long
Evan Almighty.

He is portrayed by American actor John Goodman, who also played Ocious P. Potter, Big Dan Teague, Layton T. Montgomery, Bones Darley, Marshall from The Hangover, George Wolfsbottom and Howard Stambler.


He is a very prominent Virginia congressman and is shown to be an evil and corrupt business man that will do anything to make a profit, including destroying the environment, putting people's lives at risk through allowing substandard construction projects, and ruining Evan Baxter's life for potentially getting in the way of Long's plans.

He regularly took kickbacks from various corporations to sponsor bills that would profit them in various ways such as granting them land- use contracts, with the corporations' freedoms then often leading them to cut corners on their work and greatly damage local ecosystems. Long dismissed all of this as "Just business."

This corruption and profiteering ended up causing a major flood, as Long arranged for a company that supported him to get a sweet contract to build a dam (And allowed other companies to raze/ destroy the land surrounding the dam and build houses and businesses on it), and the company then built it using substandard materials, violating building codes and cutting corners left and right in order to save money. Long was well aware of all this, but believed the company's people when they assured him that the dam would never break, and figured that was good enough for him.

The dam ultimately does break, flooding a small town, though its residents are saved from drowning by boarding Evan's ark (This turns out to be the main reason why God told Evan to build the ark, to save the lives of everyone in town when the dam broke). The ark eventually comes to a halt right in front of the congress building, and Evan publicly reveals Long's crooked involvement in the dam project.

In the end of the movie, we learn that a proposed bill Long had been supporting which would enable developers to gain access to lands that were a part of national parks (A continuation of Long's policy of secretly turning a profit from letting companies damage pristine ecosystems) has been suspended after the exposure of Long's corrupt practices, and Long himself will be facing an indictment for his corrupt and self- serving abuses of power, indicating he will almost certainly be stripped of his position and imprisoned.