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Chubbo and the Ghost Hamsters are a group of deceased hamsters that once worked as the power supply source for Sector V's tree house. Their only appearance was in Operation: G.H.O.S.T. when Chubbo had recently died, which lead the Sector (except for Numbuh 4) to having a funeral for him in Nigel's backyard, where they buried him. He, along with the other ghost hamsters, appeared that night in the Treehouse and kidnapped Numbuh 3, taking her underground, where all the ghost hamsters live (like a hamster heaven).

It is a vast landscape covered in wood chips and sunflower seeds, and the hamsters have toilet paper rolls to chew on and four-wheelers to ride on. This is the exact description Nigel had told Numbuh 3, though at the time he was only trying to make her feel better, and had no way of knowing what he said was true. By the end of the episode, their 'heaven' also has plenty of soda after Numbuh 4's soda machine falls down Chubbo's burial plot.