Chthon is a demonic supervillain from Marvel comics and one of the Elder-Gods who once ruled over a primeval Earth before they were cast out by the coming of Atuma the God-Eater, who purged most of Earth from their corruption following a series of grisly events largely sparked by Chthon, Set and other ancient gods who had lost their minds and sought destructive conquest and ruin.

Chthon was too powerful to be banished forever however and would continue to pose a threat to the Marvel universe - being a master of forbidden magic and evil he created the Darkhold by which to influence the mortal world, this cursed book is widely considered one of the most powerful black magic items in the Marvel universe and was a testimont to the titanic power of Chthon.



  • There is speculation that Chthon might be the true identity of Thanos's servant The Other in The Avengers. They have a similar appearance, both have six fingers, and Chthon uses the alias "The Other".