Chrysalis (Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker)

The Chrysalis is an AI weapon that serves as a minor antagonist in the video game; Metal Gear Solid; Peace Walker.


Sometime in 1974, the Chrysalis was deployed in Costa Rica to combat Sandinistas that had fled Nicaragua, led by Amanda Valenciano Libre. The townsfolk were attacked by the Chrysalis at a nearby boathouse after the Peace Sentinels managed to locate it. When the Chrysalis arrived, it unleashed some of the kidnappers. One of the kidnappers managed to capture Chico, Amanda's younger brother. Sometime later, the Chrysalis returned, and attacked Amanda just outside of Bananal Fruta de Oro's gate. Conveniently, Snake locating the Chrysalis due to a Kidnapper approaching that area. Snake maanged to prevent Amanda from being captured, nearly at the cost of Amanda's life.

Afterwards, Chrysalis arrived at the Mt. Irazu AI weapon facility to transport Peace Walker away along with the Peace Sentinel's leader, Hot Coldman's, Hind D. The Chrysalis almost discovered Snake near a river in Central Heredia, but it ended up getting distracted by the mercenary's escaping mule.

Later on, The Chrysalis appeared just outside the Mayan pyramid AI lab, and attacked Snake. After a long, and grueling fight, Snake managed to put the Chrysalis. After it's demise, several of the Chrysalis' parts, were later salvaged by the MSF to create Metal Gear ZEKE, which include the rail gun and the radome.



  • The Chrysalis is considered to be the most annoying boss in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. 
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