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Chrome Dome

Chrome Dome is a robotic warrior built by the Kraang and sent after the Turtles and April O'Neil in the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show. Though initially battling the Turtles, it changes priorities and goes after April O'Neil, intending to deliver her to the Kraang alive. Karai, who wants April dead, angrily attacks Chrome Dome in retaliation, which in turn causes it to turn on her and the Foot Clan with her. After a fight against her and the Turtles, the latter are finally able to destroy it when Mike impales it with it's own laser sword. A rebuilt copy later appears in the episode Vengeance is Mine as a decoy for the real Shredder when a redeemed Karai goes to kill him. However, this version was noticeably weaker than the original, and Karai easily destroyed it with a single stab of her sword.

Later, Chrome Dome reappeared briefly in "Vengeance is Mine" as a decoy for Shredder, in order to capture Karai who wanted to take revenge on Shredder for his lies and the murder of her mother. This Chrome Dome is however destroyed by Karai in her quest for vengeance. Whether it was the same one faced before or not is unclear.


  • In the original 80s cartoon Chrome Dome was made not by the Kraang but by the Shredder.
  • It's physical appearance is very similar to Chris Bradford's ninja outfit, including having the exact same Shredder-esque helmet.
    • Ironically Michelangelo did not even notice that Chrome Dome looks similar to Chris Bradford.
  • It's weapons bear some resmblance to a lightsaber and light-whip from Star Wars