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Christopher: “This place belongs to innocent people. They have rights here. And if this island’s full of shit I’ll help them clean it up.”

Celia: “Maybe they don’t want to do that-”

Christopher: “Nonsense. No one wants to live with perversion. Children must be brought up in a proper way. Nature is strong.”

Christopher is the protagonist villain of the Greek exploitation film, Island of Death - he is infamous as one of cinema's most perverse villains, even in an age of shocking violence and depravity.

Christopher is a serial-killer who goes to a small Greek island alongside his girlfriend and engage in gruesome acts of sexual depravity and murder - he is very deranged, seeing everyone else as "perverts" despite being a man with innumerable sexual kinks, he believes he is thus justified in murdering others but it is also for his own pleasure as he uses pictures of his murder to stimulate himself during sex.

Christopher's most infamous crime was when he raped and murdered a goat, for no reason, this was the first actual act of villainy in the film and prepared the audience of the many other acts of murder and rape Christopher would commit in the course of the story.


  • Raped and mutilated a goat (one of his most infamous murders due to the bestiality)
  • ritualistic murder of a French artist (crucified him to the ground and forced him to drink paint)
  • murder of a gay couple (slashed one to death with a sword, the other shot by his girlfriend)
  • numerous other rape / killings.
  • many, many sexual crimes (such as pleasuring himself over pictures of people he murdered)