Christof is the main antagonist of the 1998 film The Truman Show.

He was portrayed by Ed Harris.


Christof is the creator of the show known as "The Truman Show", which keeps Truman Burbank, the main protagonist, trapped in a fake enclosed world where all the people around him are actually actors and, without his knowledge, films every aspect of his life and broadcasts it. As Truman, due to his adventerous personallity, tries to leave the town Seahaven, Christof decides to fake the death of Truman's TV father Kirk which Truman gets Aquaphobia as a result. As Truman is close to discovering the truth about his existence, Christof decides to bring Kirk back in the show. Christof hopes to have Truman produce a child, which would sickenly create another prisoner. When Truman faces his fear of water and goes sailing, Christof tries to stop him by adding thunder and rain into the enclosure, not caring if Truman dies as long as the show is still on the air, although he regrets such a decision soon after. When Truman finally discovers the truth and is just about to leave through the exit door, Christof tries to get Truman back in the show by lying to him that the world outside is cruel and mean. Truman refuses and does a final bow before leaving, ending the show. It is unknown what happens to Christof after that, but it is possible that he went broke and lost all of his fortune.