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Christine the Saw is the main villain from Ned Declassified episode woodshop.


After the accident in the art room from the beginning of the episode when Ned forgot to put or take out air from the clay when he was making a gift for Susie which caused an explosion lead him and cookie to woodshop mr. Chop saw the Woodshop teacher told them all the instructions to be very careful while they're in the workshop not to get hurt cookie however was minding his own business until he was stopped by a machine named Christine which never saw this machine before cookie ask who this machine is mr. Chop saw slap cookies hand tell him do not go near her that she is really bad and dangerous.

Despise of the teachers warnings cookie let Christine out to use her but however when he turned his back she escaped turned around realized she had already broken some things and half realize he made a huge mistake mr.chop saw begins to panic asking who let her out telling everybody that he put her in the cage because she was dangerous cookie realize he needs to put her back into her cage before chop saw find out that he is the one in responsible of her Escape wild freely roaming around the school.

Cookie Was preparing to go to his next class until he found Christina standing there while he looked at her cookie however told her that it was time for her to go back to the cage but however she reveal her true demonic evil colors and begins to chase him around the school cookie however went to a class for safety for realizing she used her powers to cut through the door cookie asking The Psychotic homicidal saw what does she want from him ( not speaking or anything but however her emotions of negative shows of wanted to kill him) however becomes very physical scared and traumatized.

Cookie was about to kill her until they both was stop by the school psychiatrist he picked the saw up cookie warned him about her that she is nothing but a crazy psychotic homicidal maniac demonic saw he was telling him that she was nothing but a stupid machine that only works for wood which after hearing those words as an insult she turned herself on which results as anger and begins to chase after the both of them and almost killed him for physical insults but used the chair that Moze was doing for her father as Defense which killed the demonic saw once and for all.