Christine Hofferman
Christine Hofferman is the main villainess from the 2007 horror film, Werewolf: The Devil's Hound.

She was played by Christy O. Cianci.


Christine is an evil and vicious female werewolf from Germany, and knowing her evil nature, her family sent her away in a crate to America. Once she was released, Christine went on a bloody rampage, while also encountering the film's main protagonist, Kevin Madden, in her human form. After the encounter, the evil Christine phoned her relations and detailed her plan to make Kevin a werewolf just like her, which she did. She continued her wicked games with Kevin throughout the film, including dancing with him at a nightclub, until Kevin's wife, Char, broke things up. In the climax, Christine (in her werewolf form), along with Kevin, went after Char, leading to many people attempting to take down Christine. The fight ended with Kevin's mother, Elizabeth, shooting Christine to death with a rocket launcher.