Christina Riley
Christina Riley was the main villainess in "Werewolf," a Season Three episode of The Adventures of Superboy.

She was played by Paula Marshall.


Christina went to the Daily Planet with video evidence of a werewolf prowling in the woods, claiming it to be Professor Canaris. She and Clark Kent head to Canaris' office, where her claims are revealed to be true; Canaris is a werewolf. At that moment, Clark fights Werewolf Canaris as Superboy, which results in Canaris' death.

However, it is later revealed that Christina is not only Canaris' assistant, but she is also a werewolf; having been attacked by Canaris while out in the woods. She wanted Canaris killed hoping to lift her curse, and she disappeared while Superboy fought him off and eventually killed him. In actuality, the villainous Christina transformed into a werewolf and killed an unknown derelict, which caught the attention of the Daily Planet.

The next night saw Christina and Clark on a date together, with the former believing that her werewolf curse was lifted. Once the full moon rose, Christina saw hair on her left hand, meaning that she was still bearing the curse. She ran off to the restroom, where she again transformed into a werewolf and went on a rampage. Superboy enters and fights Werewolf Christina, and later learns of her true identity. After powering down, Clark attempts to get through to Christina, but she lunges after him right before she is shot and killed by TJ.