Christie is a very dangerous assassin in the Dead or Alive series. She made her debut in Dead or Alive 3, she is the archenemy to Helena Douglas, especially in Dead or Alive 4 when it revealed that she assasinated Helena's Mother at the Opera House in an attempt to kill Helena, her mother took the bullet to save her daughter from such a fate, Christie is depicted as a cold-blooded, despicable, ruthless, cunning, seductive, devious, heartless, manipulative, and calculating woman who knows many ways to kill someone, as shown in her Dead or Alive 4 ending, she gained the attention of a yakuza mobster who was so mesmerized by her that he failed to notice that she stuck him in the back of his neck with a needle cutting into his vertabre killing him instantly, leaving him standing there dead as if he was still gazing at her as she walks off.

She appears in Dead or Alive Xtreme series, where her characterization is comparatively softer, to the extent that Leifang can befriend her.

Her backstory was expanded in Dead or Alive Dimensions, where she is revealed to be the reason why Kasumi was able to access the Dead or Alive tournament, albeit with the ulterior motives of getting genetic stock from her.

In Dead or Alive 5, she appears again and attempts to sway Bass Armstrong to her side, with little success. During this time, she also encounters Helena again. She also was implied to know Rig Donovan from the past.



  • Christie, alongside the various Kasumi clones (with the possible exception of Phase 4), is the only evil female character. Most of the girls are either good or neutral, and Nyotengu's moral alignment is left ambiguous.