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Christian Szell is the main antagonist from the movie and a book Marathon Man.
Dr. Christian Szell
He was once known as the "White Angel." It had to do with the large crop of bright white hair on his head, but had nothing to do with his skills as a doctor or dentist. During World War II, he ran the experimental camp in Auschwitz, and would bargain for the release of certain Jews in exchange for the gold in their teeth. Eventually, he would demand their entire fortunes - and diamonds - instead.

he was one of main villains along with Peter Janeway


His brother Klaus was a diamond courier was killed in car accident by Henry "Doc" Levy , a secret agent who double life . When Chirstan learns his brother's death, he went to new york to to retrieve the diamonds to fulinal his brother's wish. Appoced by Janeway and French woman named Esla who had romantic involvement with Doc's brother Babe

When Doc comforted Szell about his crimes against Jewish people when Janeway beatyted him and Szell kills Doc by his blade hididng on his sleve.


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