The Ruthless

Chris Partlow is the main enforcer and right hand man to drug lord Marlo Stanfield. As the Stanfield's head enforcer Partlow, along with his partner Felicia "Snoop" Pearson, is responsible for numerous street level murders and contract killings.


Chris also helps run the drug corners and training young recruits on how to sell drugs and kill Stanfield's enemies. Partlow and snoop serve as the secondary antagonists of the last two season of the HBO series "The Wire". Partlow is a key player in the turf war with carries out murders as Stanfield orders them. Working alongside young female soldier "Snoop," he disposes of bodies by opening up vacant buildings, covering the corpses in quicklime and sheeting, and then nailing the buildings shut.

When Stanfield dealer Fruit is killed, Partlow advises restraint, suggesting they kill the perpetrator instead of all the members of the independent drug crew he works with. Marlo agrees with Chris' approach and gives him the go-ahead to kill Fruit's murderer, Lex. Chris arranges for Lex to be ambushed by paying Little Kevin to tell him his girlfriend wants to meet him at night in a secluded spot.

Kevin pays an unwitting Randy Wagstaff to pass on the message. Once the trap is sprung, Lex is killed by Chris and Snoop. Chris is also responsible for the murder of a security guard who "talked back" to Marlo. Rumors on the street tie Chris to several other murders including victims known as Pookie and Byron.