Chris Cawsey is a character in the 1971 film Straw Dogs and it's 2011 remake.

In the original, he is played by Jim Norton.

In the remake, his is played by Billy Lush.


Chris Cawsey is a resident of the village of Wakely, Cornwall. He is hired by David and Amy Sumner to do some work on their house. Chris' colleagues include Charlie Venner, Norman Scutt and Phil Riddaway. Chris' job is a rat catcher, which he takes a macabre pleasure in doing so. Chris is also famous for his distinctive laugh. Like his friends, Chris enjoys ogling Amy, much to her displeasure and bullying David. Despite this, David tries to make friends with Chris and his colleagues and doesn't do anything to confront them about their bad behaviour. One night, the Sumner's discover their dead cat hanging in the closet. Amy suspects Chris and demands that David confronts him. Instead of confronting the men, David accepts their invitation to join them on a shoot. This turned out to be a ruse for the men to rape Amy while David was away from the house. Although unaware of Amy being sexually assaulted, David is angry that the men abandoned him on the moors and fires them the next day.

At the church social, Chris and his friends enjoy themselves getting drunk, eating cookies and heckling the vicar's magic show. The events of the evening take a turn for the worse when local paedophile Henry Niles walks off with Janice Hedden. Chris along with Charlie, Norman, Phil and Tom Hedden form a lynch mob to find Janice and kill Henry. Due to being scared by the mob shouting for him, Henry runs off and is knocked down by David and Amy, who had left the social early. David phones the local pub, where the mob are drinking. The mob promptly drive to the Sumner's residence. Chris accompanies Charlie and Norman and they try to beat Henry to force him to talk. David prevents the men from harming Henry and asks them to leave. Angered by this, the mob start attacking the house. Chris throws live rats into the house to intimidate the Sumner's. Local magistrate Major Scott arrives at the residence and orders the mob to leave, but Tom ends up shooting the major dead. Knowing that they can't go back on what they've started, the mob decide to kill everyone inside the house.

Towards the end of the siege, Chris finally forces his way into the house after David played bagpipe music to bait them. Chris greets David politely before engaging in a vicious knife fight. David overpowers Chris and beats him to death with a fire poker.

His role is pretty much the same in the remake.