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note: this is about Chris Benoit's actions as a wrestling character, for IRL see w:c:real-life-villains:Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit began as a face 1985-1989 in Stampede Wrestling, and this continued in NJPW from 1986-1994 and in WCW from 1992-1993.

This changed when he was in WCW from 1994-1995, where he became known as "The Crippler" after putting out Rocco Rock, and solidified the nickname at "November 2 Remember" when he broke Sabu's neck. Paul Heyman wrote in "Rise and Fall of ECW" that he planned to keep Benoit as a dominant heel for a long time.

Benoit returned to WCW in October 1995, building on his ECW nickname as "Canadian Crippler Chris Benoit" where he became a member of the Four Horsemen.

Moving to the WWF in 2000 where he and Eddie Guerrero and Perry Saturn and Malenko joined with Triple H as The Radicalz, a heel faction. He turned face in 2001 when he broke away from the Radicalz.

In 2002 he turned heel again, aligning with Eddie against Kurt Angle.


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