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Where's my fucking money, Denny?!
~ Chris-R

Chris-R is the minor antagonist in The Room.

He was portrayed by the Albanian-American motivational speaker and actor, Dan Janjigian, who himself will be played by Zac Efron in the movie based on the making of The Room: The Disaster Artist.

Character Biography

Little is known about him because he just shows up in the movie and the only backstory he is given is that he is a drug dealer and Denny apparently either bought or sold some drugs with Chris-R at some point. He is seen on the rooftop angrily demanding the money from these drugs from Denny. He brandishes a gun and threatens to kill him before Mark and Johnny show up, who subdue him and apparently take him to the police station while Claudette and Lisa look on. Miraculously, Mark and Johnny are back on the roof almost one minute later, having somehow dropped him off at the police station and come back in that short of an amount of time. 

The official play version of The Room gives more detail on the character of Chris-R, because there is an additional scene added earlier where Chris-R meets Denny on the roof to discuss their business. Here it is revealed that Chris-R is the drug supplier while Denny is a small-time dealer who has purchased drugs off Chris-R to sell so he can make ends meet. The two then set up a meeting on the roof to arrange payment, which explains why they were both on the roof at the same time. Apparently, Denny either couldn't or decided not to sell the drugs because he did not come up with Chris-R's money, resulting in the confrontation on the roof, as Chris-R thought Denny stole all the money for himself and didn't give Chris-R his cut. He is never seen in the play again after he is taken to the police either.


After a brief confrontation with Mark and Johnny, Denny states that Chris-R will be going to jail and he is never seen again. A popular fan theory states that instead of taking Chris-R to the police, Mark and Johnny take him to the basement or alley and execute him instead of taking him to the police like they said they would do. This is plausible because Mark and Johnny come back a few minutes later (not really enough time to have gone to the police station and turn in a violent felon with no questions asked). Denny's money problems also mysteriously vanish after this scene. In the unofficial video game adaptation of the movie, Chris-R breaks out of jail and steals Johnny's car. He can be chased down and killed, but this is not required to complete the game.

His weapon of choice was a late-model Smith and Wesson 5906 pistol. According to Tommy Wiseau, Johnny later supposedly uses Chris-R's gun to take his own life at the end of the movie. However, due to an error on the part of the filmmakers, a different gun, a Beretta, is used in that scene.

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