Chrétien Lafrenière (1730 –1791)

Chrétien Lafrenière was a member of Templar Order, active during the French Revolution. Also, he was an advisor and a staunch supporter of Grand Master François de la Serre. He tried to prevent his murder by François-Thomas Germain and deserted after Germain took over of the Order.


Born as son of a rich spice importer in 1730, and was destined to become a priest. He entered the seminary school in 1750.However, Lafrenière was forced to leave the seminary and take over the family business when his father and brothers died in a shipwreck off the coast of Mauritius. He spent most of his income joining and founding various religious groups and secret societies. He became a member of the Templar Order and serving as an advisor to Grand Master François de la Serre.

In French Revolution, Lafrenière was an ally of de la Serre's daughter, Élise. He was killed by Assassin Arno Victor Dorian, who was being manipulated by Germain. He meet between his faction of the conservatives and the Templars from other European countries, while trying to gain support in order to oppose Germain and his plans.