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The Chozo Ghosts

The Chozo Ghosts are villains in the first Metroid Prime game. They are ghosts of the Chozo who were infected with Phazon and became insane and killed all the other Chozo. The Chozo Ghosts regularly appear in the Chozo Ruins. They are considered one of the most pestilential, bothersome, obnoxious, awkward, vexatious, loathsome, aggravating, despicable, irritating, persistent, tenacious, and annoying enemies in the game. They are especially annoying because they pop up in the middle of a quest, meaning Samus has to spin right round the room to follow them, and they take forever to kill, meaning Samus is often disorientated about where she was going afterwards. The Chozo Ghosts are only brainwashed by Phazon, and during the climactic fight with Meta Ridley, they redeem themselves by using the statues to shoot lasers at him, knocking him off the ledge, for destroying their Artefacts.