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Chozen Toguchi is the main antagonist of The Karate Kid, Part II.

He is Sato Toguchi's nephew and best student. Like Johnny Lawrence, he is a bully and second enemy to Daniel LaRusso. Unlike Johnny, however, Chozen seems to have a sense of honor for the art of karate and is more highly skilled. His sense of honor does not extend to the natives of Tomi Village, however, as he cheats farmers by using rigged weights, which Daniel later exposes, causing the villagers to gain respect for Daniel and more disgust for Chozen's dishonesty. Chozen also goes so far that he will even be willing to kill his opponent for honor. He even forces Daniel to face him in a death match while holding Kumiko hostage at the end of the film. He was just like his Uncle Sato, but twice is bad. When Uncle showed remorse and saw how bad he became. He decided to stop and when he saw Chozen not to help Daniel out. He disowned him for good. Chozen proves to be a more difficult opponent, but in the end, he is defeated by Daniel who spares his life. After that he was defeated and humilated for good.

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