Dolls are like human children. If you treat them with real love, they could never do anything evil.
~ Choushichirou Etou

Choushichirou Etou is the antagonist of the shojo manga series Shounen Dolls.


Choushichirou is one of the characters who has a large role in Shounen Dolls. He is a doll master, and is the ancestor of the heroine, Ageha Etou. He is also the creator of Leo and Yuki, the paired dolls who become Ageha's protectors.

Choushichirou lives with his father and brother in Meiji Era. He is the heir of Etou family during that time, and he has a fiancee named Chiyo, whom he was arranged to married to by his father.

He also has a lover named Sumire, who has already died prior to the story. And her death is the one that cause him to wants to do revenge against humans.