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Chortlebot is the third boss in Wario Land: Shake It!, encountered by Wario at the end of the Rocking Range area. He resembles a large, robotic white clown head with a pointy red hat. In battle, Chortlebot's main weapon is his spiky nose, which he can launch towards Wario. His nose can also split in two, revealing two long bars of fire that Wario must avoid. Finally, he can send beams from below which can only be avoided by ducking. In order to defeat Chortlebot, Wario must swing on the bars on the sides of the arena to gain enough height to jump on the robotic clown.

After three hits, Chortlebot will fall, and Wario can then bounce on the weak point on Chortlebot's head to damage him. After taking enough damage, he will explode, allowing Wario to claim the boss emblem for Rocking Range.

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