From the very beginning, Man has been trying to destroy Nature. Perhaps one day he may succeed, but then again, on that day, Nature may rebel and this could happen.
~ Narrator's warning at the beginning of Chorakhe.

Chorakhe is a giant mutant crocodile and the titular antagonist in the movie of the same name. Chorakhe is a mutant crocodile who was created by atomic testing in the Pacific Ocean. The crocodile wreaks havoc on a Thai village and devours any living being he comes across. The crocodile even devours the two spouses of Tony Akom and John Stromm. Swearing revenge, they study up on the crocodile and try to capture it with traps. When their traps fail, they set out to the sea on a boat with a fisherman named Tanaka and a photographer named Peter to hunt down the crocodile. During one night, the crocodile attacks the boat and manages to devour one of the men whole. At day time, the crocodile appears again, but this time the men fight back and shoot at the monster. However, the crocodile kills them all except for Peter. While the boat sinks, Peter straps himself with dynamite, gets the crocodile to devour him, and the crocodile is blown up with the boat. A rescue boat later comes to discover that there are no survivors.



  • The 1985 film Magic Lizard features a similar crocodile that first appears as a statue which is accidentally released by the film's titular character. Due to the similar SFX, the crocodile could most likely be the same one from the previous film.
  • Chorake is very similar to Bruce the Shark from Jaws: Both are aquatic creatures, they would Attack anyone in the water, they both die in an explosion after being hunted by a group of men.
  • In the original Thailand version, Peter didn't sacrifice himself to destroy Chorake. Instead, he threw the dynamite in Chorake's jaws.