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"You are next!"
Chong li

-Chong Li to Frank Dux before the final kumite round.

Chong Li is the main antagonist of the movie Bloodsport. He is played by Bolo Yeung. Before the tournament, he trains aggressively proving his brute strength. He taunts Dux several times in the film. In his first round, Chong easily defeats Budimam Prang. The next day of the tournament, he also defeats Suan Parades and badly injures Ray Jackson. Chong then takes Jackson's headband and wears in around his shin to irk Dux. In the final day, he kills Chuan Ip Mung in the semi-finals, then challenges Frank Dux in the final round. In the finals, Dux has proven to be the better fighter. But Chong cheats and throws salt into Dux's eyes, blinding him and gaining an advantage. But Frank thinks back to his training and manages to see through the blindness and take Chong down. After shouting "matté" Chong gives up the fight to Dux.

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