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Very good. But brick not hit back!
~ Chong Li to Frank Dux.
You are next!
~ Chong Li to Frank Dux before the final kumite round.

Chong Li is the main antagonist of the movie Bloodsport. He is an extremely strong Taekwondo fighter from Korea. In his career Chong Li has killed a lot of opponents when fighting through the Kumite. He is played by Bolo Yeung.

1988 Kumite

Before the tournament, he trains aggressively proving his brute strength. He taunts Dux several times in the film. In his first round, Chong easily defeats Budimam Prang, with a very strong rear naked choke knocking him out.

The next day of the tournament, he fights Suan Parades who manages to punch Chong several times in the face, but Chong managed to knock him out and break his leg.

Then Chong is matched again Jackson. Jackson gains the upper hand and knocks Chong out. But Jackson instead of finishing his opponent he gloats. Chong gets back to his feet and then violently beats him, putting him in the hospital and thus taking Jackson's headband and wears it around his shin to irk Dux. Dux vows that he will avenge Jackson.

In the final day of the tournament Li kills Chuan Ip Mung in the semi-finals, then challenges Frank Dux in the final round. In the finals, Dux has proven to be the better fighter. But Chong cheats and throws salt into Dux's eyes, blinding him and gaining an advantage. But Frank thinks back to his training and manages to see through the blindness and take Chong down. After shouting "matté" Chong gives up the fight to Dux.


  • Chong Li, is from South Korea.
  • "Chong" means "noob" in Israeli army slang. Giving this name to the menacing villain was Menahem Golan's idea.
  • "Chong" does not exist in Israeli army slang.



Bloodsport - Chong Li's Fights04:11

Bloodsport - Chong Li's Fights

Jean-Claude Van Damme Bloodsport Final Fight (1988) - High Quality06:06

Jean-Claude Van Damme Bloodsport Final Fight (1988) - High Quality

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