Chompers are enemies from the Wonderland game series by Midnight Synergy. They basically look like false teeth with eyes. There are red and yellow varities of them that will go after different Stinkers. Red Chompers follow Stinky and red ones will follow Loof, but if neither of them are around, they will follow somebody else. If one character finishes the level, Chompers will follow somebody else, for example, if Loof exits the level, yellow Chompers would go after Stinky instead. They make a "nyak" sound when they move.

Chompers return in the Wonderland Adventures series, but the yellow variety is no longer present. There are also some Chompers that are faster than others.

In the Wonderland Adventures level editor it is possible to make a Chomper so fast that it will instantly catch the player (unless the Chomper is trapped). It is also possible to make them so slow that they will not move at all.