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Choi Young-do' is villain of 2013 Korean television series The Heirs is enemy
Choi young do
of Kim Tan whom they shard for love of Cha Eun-sang and Yoo Rachel's almost stepbrother who engaged with Tan. Young-do was son of Zeus's chairman

Middle School Days

Young-do and Tan were best friends since their childhood because their families were rich at time and his mother left his father however they fallen aprat when Tan was sent by his father to America

High School Days

He met Cha Eun-sang, a poor girl who fall in love with Tan

Scandal and mistakes

Watching his father faced changes by polices He apologized to

Young-do reunited with his mother since she left his father while in middle school


Young-do was known to his classmates in the school as meanist and cruel man who loved to bullied the juniors.


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