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Choi Joo Wal is a son of nobleman who working with Moo Yeon in Arang and the Magistrate is fiance of Lee


Joo-wol is bullied by other children because he was an orphan who steeling things from others. he met Suh Hong Ryeon, a noblewoman who care him and adopted by Lord Choi.

Meeting Seo-rim

He first met Lee Seo-rim was the daughter of an Miryang official in the outside later she begun falls in love with him and wants married him later Joo Wol and Seo-rim become engaged to married however she went to see him Seo-rim sees Joo-wol and Hong-ryeon, Joo-wol lured her and kills her by pushing her on cliff later Hong-ryeon eased his and Seo-rim's memories.


3 Years later Seo-rim become ghost and amnesic who haunted people when Kim Eun-oh searching his mother and becoming a martiagse


After his father's and Lady Suh's death Joo-wol admit to Arang that he killed her by pushing her in the cliff[

As Grim Reaper

after his death Joo-wol resurrected by Jade Emperor and takes job as grim reaper while Eun-oh and Seo-rim become childhood sweethearts in alternative universe.


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