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Choi Hyung Chul is fomrer cop and murderer in Korean television series You Are
Choi hyung-chul
All Surrounded
IS Responsible for murdering Kim Ji Yong / Eun Dae Goo's mother Hwa Young 11 years ago and Seo Pan-seok's former partner. his ear had burn scar while they on mission the criimnal shoot Pan-seok but Hyun-chul protect him by hitting ear caused burn it. later he become hired killer to murdered Kim Hwa-young who is wintess for murder trail as her son Ji-young watched her death and escaped from Hyun-chul and changed his name as Eun-do. later of the series  it realaved Choi worked with Chief Kang and Assemblyman Yoo and Pan-seok comfmeted Hyun-chul for why he become murderer

He attacked Eun-du but he surived later Eun-do tracked him but Hyung-chul got gun before he was arrested by Pan-seok

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