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Who's the bitch now?
~ Chloe Price to a beaten Nathan Prescott
"Chloe Price" is the anti hero deuteragonist of the 2015 video game Life is Strange and best friend of Max Caulfield.. While often seen as a heroic character, Chloe can often be harsh, selfish and irrational at certain times

Villainous Side


In Chrysalis she blackmails and harasses an already troubled Nathan Prescott to the point of her being shot. She is later seen saving Max from an attack by Nathan Prescott. She later gets high against David's rules and steals one of his guns. Max can either defend her or hide in her closet

Out of Time

At Two Whales Diner she encorouges Max to ignore her call from a troubled and needing Kate Marsh. After leaving the diner she trespasses on what she calls "American Rust" ans shoots several things with David's stolen pistol. It's then said that she owes Frank Bowers a large sum of money and was attempting to skip town to avoid paying. If the player doesn't attempt to shoot Frank she'll blame Max.

Chaos Theory

While trespassing on Blackwell campus after hours her and Max both break into the school using the keys she stole from David her and Max attempt to break into Principal Wells office for information about Nathan. After setting off a bomb, Max must rewind to avoid setting off an alarm. Chloe attempts to or steals thousands of dollars from the handicapped fun. Max can support her or tell her not to. They evade security after almost being caught in the swimming pool and drives back to her house. The next day she sends Max into her garage to dug up information about David and his connection to Rachel. She finds photographs to which she tells Chloe about. Chloe then stakes him out in attempt to drive a wedge between him and Joyce. Max can either defend or accuse David. The two later go to Two Whales and break into Frank's RV. After discovering Frank and Rachel's relationship she is angered by Rachel's cheating on her. She blames her deceased father William for leaving her.

Dark Room

Looking for more information, Chloe and Max go to Blackwell to try to break into the dorm of Nathan Prescott she later encounters him. He's angered by the intrusion and attempts to attack Max. Chloe holds him off while Warren arrives and beats down Nathan. Chloe looks on and mocks him after stealing his gun if the player chooses to do nothing. After uncovering the body of her ex girlfriend Rachel Amber in a junkyard at the hands of who she had though to be Nathan, she shows up at the End of The World party armed and wanting to kill Nathan. After being separated, unable to find him she gets a text from him saying he will destroy the evidence of Rachel's corpse. They head back to the junkyard in hopes of protecting it. She is unsuspectingly shot in the head by Mark Jefferson who is revealed to be the abductor.


Chloe can be described as a free spirited person. Prior to the loss of her father she was a happy young girl who loved both of her parents but after could be described as more free spirited. After Willaim's death she cut and dyed here hair blue and came to a more dangerous life She enjoys taking risks as seen several times. She's grown into a more vengeful, angry person who according to Joyce goes through several phases. She deeply loves and cared for the people closest to her and is even overly protective at times due to fear of losing them as seen with her reaction to Rachel's death. Her predominant color throughout the game is a certain shade of light blue

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