Chloe Blackburn

Chloe Blackburn is a one-shot villainess from Monk. She appeared in Season Three's second episode, "Mr. Monk and the Panic Room."

She was played by Carmen Electra.

Chloe Blackburn is a pop diva and the wife of record producer Ian Blackburn, but she was also having an affair with Kurt Wolff, who Chloe met while he was handling security on one of her tours. Figuring that a divorce would be messy, Chloe decided to plot with Kurt to kill Ian, which Kurt does by shooting him in his panic room.

It was originally planned to be a single shot so it could look like a suicide, but since there was a struggle and Ian was shot four times, Kurt placed the gun in the hands of Ian's pet monkey, Darwin, making it look like Darwin actually killed Ian. Chloe plays up that ruse when she is interviewed by Monk, claiming that Darwin is a beast who killed her husband. At the end of the episode, a newspaper article revealed that Chloe was arrested for Ian's murder.