Chloe is a minor antagonist in "Scream 4". She is portrayed by Kristen Bell.


Chloe is watching "Stab 6" with her best friend Rachel. Rachel criticizes the movie for being repetitive and stupid but Chloe defends the series, stating that Ghostface scares her. Rachel sits down on the couch and says that there is no longer any surprise in the series when Chloe suddenly stabs her, asking if that surprised her. Rachel asks why to which Chloe replies that she talks too much, stabbing her again and telling her to shut up and watch the movie. Rachel then dies and Chloe unpauses the movie, as it is revealed that they are actually in "Stab 7".


  • It is very likely that Chloe is Ghostface and the main antagonist of "Stab 7".