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Chippy P. Crunchrat (aka Crunchrat) is a villainous crime boss in the animated television show, "Geronimo Stilton." Crunchrat is known to most mice as the CEO of Chippy Enterprises, the leading maker of cheese chips and cheddar snacks enjoyed by mice the world over. But this is only the tip of the cheddar wedge... Chippy P. Crunchrat has villainous ties that run deep.

His ratty fingers are in all sorts of criminal dealings world-wide. He's the faceless mouse behind the crime.

Time and time again, Geronimo has thwarted Crunchrat's efforts to steal, swindle, cheat, and deceive... most times without Geronimo even knowing that Crunchrat was the real villain behind the scenes. Neadless to say, Crunchrat views Geronimo as a pest, one that he needs to deal with harshly.

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