Chip 2.6, later known as Chip 2.7, is a robot and a character in the animated show Mr. Meaty.


Chip was built to be the perfect employee for the Mr. Meaty corporation and Mr. Carney was planning to fire all his employees if he did a perfect job. The CEO's of MeatyCorp deicded to use Josh and Parker's store for testing.

When Chip arrived, Josh totally liked him but Parker (rightly) thought he was trying to take away their job. Josh later used Chip to get dates with Brittany and the Ashleys and suceeded. 

Parker wanted to save their jobs so he told Chip to destroy himself (being an obeying robot and all). When Josh found out, he got mad at Parker and never wanted to forgive him even though Parker was helping them. Later, back at MeatyCorp, the executive told Mr. Carney, Wink, and the other exectutives (who were watching the whole thing on a giant video screen) that Chip is a self-rebuilding robot and Chip rebuilt himself and turned evil. Parker tried to stop him, but it became too late, Chip was already controling Parker.

When Josh found this out, he finally believed Parker and tried to stop Chip, but Chip told Josh that "We robots are perfect, we never sleep, we never make mistakes, we never eat" this snapped Parker out of his brainwashing and he messed with Chip's wiring and circuits and threw him in the deep fryer and Josh and Parkers jobs were saved. Meanwhile, back at MeatyCorp, the executive tried to reassure Mr. Carney that he'll work out the bugs but, Carney responds "Oh no! I knew that robot was gonna get somebody fired and that'll be you" and he chased the executive outta the building.

Chip later returned as "Chip 2.7" in the sequel, Return of the Model Employee, and Josh Parker once again, had to save their jobs. He also had a cameo at the end of "Big Greasy Musical".