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Chinomanako is a ayakashi who manages to steal the diendrive from kamen rider diend who stole the ika origami from genta and did not need the sanzu river water. he becomes an ayakashi rider with is chinomanako diend form, this universe's the sentai universe first ever kamen rider , in a world that was supposed to be without riders.

With all the crevices in the dien helmet and armor , he can easily summon nanashi footsoldiers. he can use kaijinride cards kamen rider decade and kuuga team up with the shinkenger to destroy this monster he did not grow giant.

Youkai origin momokuren is a spirit that lives in torn souji papel sliding walls and many eyes can seen within them and cause to become blind if stared into.

Kamenride cards

Kaijinride cards

Final attackride cards

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