High Eunuchs

The High Eunuchs are eight men who use the Empress's power to control the Chinese Federation, leaving its people poor and starving while they live in opulence. All eight are executed by Li Xingke for betraying him and the Empress, though not at the same time.


The first Eunuch that is introduced is Gao Hai who was sent to Area 11 while Viceroy Calares was in charge of the area. Under the command of Lelouch's Geass, he grants asylum to the Black Knights within the grounds of the Federation's consulate. Li Xingke questioned of his actions, Gao then claimed Zero is better than Tianzi in every way. Believing he has shown disloyalty to the Empress, Xingke executes him.

The others are introduced after the Black Knights are exiled, plotting to give up half of their territory to Britannia for exchange of becoming Britannian Nobles. They attempt to kill Tianzi and install a puppet Emperor in her place after Zero kidnapped her. But they are tricked by getting the High Eunuchs to admit their deception to the public, causing riots throughout China and a civilian uprising. Once they are abandoned by the Britannians for losing father in their people, Li Xingke kills all of them as they beg for their lives and flee.