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The Chinese Federation was one of the three dominant superpowers in the world. As it sits immediately to the West of Japan and borders the European Union to the north (Russia). After joining the United Federation of Nations it is now called the United States of China


the Chinese Federation is one of the three superpowers in Code Geass and at the start of the series nit is shown to have border Japan from most sides however it allowed the Holy Britannian Empire to invade and takeover the nation despite having the ability to liberate it but would've divided Japan into 3 separate nations according to Lelouch Vi Britannia. Around 2017 (the anime's setting) the Chinese Federation has exepted Japanese refugees now known as Elevens due to Area 11 being the new name of Japan including Atsushi Sawasaki, a former member of the Kururugi Administration and eventually led a revolt against the Britannian Forces stationed in Japan by leading an army of Japanese exiles to Fukuoka Base with support from China but lost and was arrested. Following the Second Black Rebellion, the Black Knights were given a exile status and were soon evacuated to China but not before a wedding was staged which would allow Britannia to capture the Black Knights and soon the entire country would be Britannian territory. The High Eunuchs were to allow this wedding to occur and would be given the status of nobility if they did so but the wedding was soon prevented by Lelouch and the Empress was taken hostage

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