Chin Taimei

Chin Taimei is a recurring enemy from the Double Dragon series, first appearing as a regular enemy in the NES version of the first game then returning as a boss in the second game.

Chin is a skilled Kung-Fu practitioner, and master of the Koh-oh Ken style. He have joined the ranks of the Black Warriors merely as a way to improve his skills and fight strong opponents. Following his defeat at the hands of the Lee Brothers, his older brother Chin Seimei would seek revenge for him in the third game, joining the Lee brothers after being defeated as well and helping them on their search for the Rosetta Stones.

Chin recovers from his previous defeat and once again returns along with the Black Warriors to challenge the Lee Brothers, having trained and taken to a new twin-stick style. After the dissolution of the Black Warriors, Chin would join the Renegades along with other ex-Black warriors members.