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The Chimera is an antagonist from the animated televison show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is a fearsome creature with a tiger's head and front legs, a goat's head and hind legs, and a snake's head for a tail. She appears in the seventeenth episode of the fourth season entitled "Somepony to Watch Over Me".

She was voiced by Ellen Kennedy.

Role in the series

The chimera tries to eat Apple Bloom and Applejack. Apple Bloom is trying to deliver pies and is crossing through the Flame Geyser Swamp, for Apple Bloom was trying to show that she was an independant "pony" and that she didn't always need someone to help and watch over her. When Applejack arrives, the chimera has Apple Bloom cornered. Applejack puts the snake head to sleep with a flute, then throws a chair into the tiger head's mouth, and when the chimera runs at her, the snake head's teeth get caught in a tree and the tiger head's teeth get stuck in another tree, unable to remove them. Applejack appeases the goat head with some cheese. The chimera is left trapped in the trees afterwards and they move on.


  • In Greek mythology, the chimera is a monstrous fire-breathing creature with the body and head of a lion, a goat's head rising from its back, and a tail ending in a snake's head.
    • The lion's head being replaced by a tiger's head may be a reference to actual real life male lions as the chimera is portrayed to be female in mythology.
  • Though it is technically one single creature, each of the heads refer to each other as "sisters".
  • She is the third MLP: FiM villain to actually attempt to kill (technically eat) the protagonist. The first was Ahuizotl and the second was Sunset Shimmer.
    • Of course, she'd be considered the fourth if you include King Sombra.
    • Unlike them however, the chimera's motivations were out of pure predatory instincts rather than true evil.
  • The goat's head appears vaguely similar to Grogar, another previous generation villain.

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