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Chillie was one of Esteban's men in the 1994 movie Fresh.

He was portrayed by Yul Vasquez, who many comedy fans will recognize for having played Bob, the villain who terrizes Kramer, on Seinfeld.

Chillie's villainaries are short, however, one of his villainaries of his is threatening Fresh with violence if any drugs are missing from the count.

When we first see Chillie, he's counting drugs. Fresh gives him drugs to count to get paid, but he's also running late for school. Chillie is upset by Fresh's lack of patience, telling him to "Chill homes." He also is a drug dealer, and he comes off as merciless. But he is affably evil, given that you don't get on his bad side.

At the end of the movie, we see him with Esteban, discussing why Fresh got jumped by Corky's men. Fresh lies that it was Corky who wanted to oust Esteban. When Chillie shoots Corky, Corky shoots Chillie, and both end up killed in a Mexican standoff.