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Chill Clawbster

The Chill Clawster is a minor villain in the video game; Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It is a Dream Eater that attacked and froze Monstro.


While Sora was trying to rescue Pinocchio and Jiminy from Monstro, the Chill Clawbster appears out of nowhere, and attacks Monstro, freezing the giant whale in the process. Realizing the danger it poses to his friends, Sora engages the Dream Eater in battle. In the end, Sora managed to defeat the Chill Clawbster, but it ends up getting swallowed by a thawed out and angry Monstro.


  • Another version of the Chill Clawbster appeared in Riku's story; the Char Clawbster.

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