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Johnson (known as Chikuzen Ooka in the Japanese version) is one of the Big Five from the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. He is an expert lawyer, and the legal expert of the Big Five. He is voiced by Andrew Paull, who also does the voice of Master Core: ABIS.


Johnson and the others were working for Gozaburo Kaiba at first, but then conspired with Kaiba to overthrow him. When Kaiba betrayed the Big Five, they joined forces with Maximillion Pegasus, but he was defeated by Yugi Muto, so Gozaburo fired them, but was imprisoned in the virtual world by them. However, their Five-Headed Dragon was destroyed by Yugi and Seto Kaiba, imprisoning the Big Five in the virtual world.

Johnson judge man

Johnson as the Judge Man

They then joined forces with Noah Kaiba, entering his virtual world. As their bodies were destroyed, they needed to find new bodies to escape. Johnson dueled Joey Wheeler, and took the form of the Judge Man, as his own deck master. He used a move called Clear the Courtroom to destroy Jonouchi's monsters and take off 500 life points for each monster. Although Joey was winning at first, Johnson gained the advantage later on, and when Joey played his gambling cards (like Skull Dice, Graceful Dice, and Gamble), Johnson cheated by making the dice land on 1 and the coin land on tails when Joey picked heads. Noah confronted Johnson for cheating and tried to delete him as punishment, but Joey convinced him to let the duel continue, as he wanted to defeat Johnson and knew he had a chance if  played fair. Joey played Arduous Decision, which Johnson lost by picking the wrong card, allowing Joey to defeat him. Johnson was digitized.

Johnson returned alongside Gansley, Crump, and Lector, attempting to steal the bodies of Joey, Serenity, and Duke, but failed. They then entered Tristan's body at once, and dueled Yugi and Joey. Johnson took control for one turn. After the Big Five were defeated, Noah gave them no more chances, and imprisoned them each in a different corner of the virtual world.

Johnson was killed along with Noah, Gozaburo, and the other members of the Big Five when Noah destroyed the fortress with a satellite attack, deleting the virtual world and everyone inside it.


Johnson is perhaps the most evil and dishonest of the Big Five, as he would deceive the court in his career as a lawyer (once convincing a jury that a man who was afraid of water stole a boat). He also cheats in his duel against Joey, and is the first to suggest the Big Five go back on their word to return Tristan's body if they lose.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series

In LittleKuriboh's parody series Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, Johnson, as well as the other members of the Big Five, are executives of 4Kids Entertainment and are called Team 4Kids. Mirroring his status in the anime as an unjust lawyer, Johnson puts Joey Wheeler on trial, accusing him of copyright infringement (and for being an awful person), revealing he is responsible for getting LittleKuriboh banned twice on this false accusation. He calls up characters like Bandit Keith, Weevil Underwood, and Ghost Nappa, but is defeated when Joey counters by saying the fans appreciate Yu-Gi-Oh more and having Flame Swordsman (who says his name is Frank) attack him.

When he disguises himself as Mai shortly before the duel, he asks Joey if he finds him attractive, even after revealing his true identity.

He later returned alongside Gansley, Crump, and Lector to chase after Joey, Serenity, Tristan, and Duke. In Episode 54, all the Big Five were defeated by Yugi and Joey, and as punishment, Noah banished them to the darkest corners of the internet. Johnson was sent to the dangerous box, which he found to contain a lot of slander.